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Parent Resources

Whether you're a looking to extend your child's learning beyond the classroom or preparing a curriculum as part of homeschooling, the Berkeley Library has many resources that can help! Did you know that we have a dedicated 'Parents' section with workbooks and similar materials for a variety of grade levels? You can browse our Parents Section online by clicking here

We also have put together several learning kits to support home education in many subjects:

Colorful Lights

STEAM Toolkit

Snap Circuits Light


Snap Circuits - Lights

DK Electricity Book

Activity Binder


Telmu Refracting

Telescope Set


Telmu 70mm Refracting

Telescope & Accessories


STEAM Toolkit

Snap Circuits Arcade


Snap Circuits Arcade Kit

Electronics for Kids Book

Disney Imagineering DVD

Activity Binder

Hurricane Map

STEAM Toolkit

Weather Science


Weather Center Set

Everything Kids Weather Book

Eyewitness Weather DVD

Activity Binder


Adventure Backpack



Youth Binoculars

Bird Guide Book

Insects & Mammals Flashcards

Student Learning Mathematics

Parent Resource Kit

Addition (Grade 1)


Addition Workbook

Addition Flash Cards

Subtraction Flash Cards

Ten Frame Magnet Set

Cracked Rocks

STEAM Toolkit

Rock Hound


Snap Circuits - Lights

DK Electricity Book

Activity Binder

Electronic Circuit Board

Raspberry Pi

Scratch Kit


Raspberry Pi

Mini Monitor

Scratch Programming Cards

Electronic Wires

STEAM Toolkit

Elenco Center


Elenco Electronics Playground

Tell Me Why: Electricity DVD

Make: Electronics Book

Activity Binder

Dollar Bills

Parent Resource Kit



My Book of Money

Economies and You

Big Money Counting Set

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