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Printing from Mobile & Home

One of our most-requested services is printing. We offer several printing solutions- you can print from home, print from your laptop while you're here, or print from a mobile device from anywhere! 

Print from Home / Print from a Laptop

You can easily send a document (whether it be a photo, an email, a PDF, or just about anything else) by using our remote printing website. Simply select if you need it in full color or black and white, give it a job name (something you can remember, like your name or initials), and upload the file! The remote printing website will count up the pages and ask you to confirm. After that, the document will be waiting for you at the library to stop in and print. Print jobs are saved for 24 hours before being automatically deleted. 

Print from a Mobile Device

The PrinterOn app makes sending documents from mobile devices to the library's printer a breeze! PrinterOn is available for both iOS and Android. Once downloaded, simply tap at the bottom 'No Printer Selected'. From there you can search for and add Berkeley Public Library. It's that easy!

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